The future of content delivery for OTT video streaming

Adaptive and secure P2P CDN helping online TV and VOD broadcasters to handle millions of concurrent viewers with the highest video quality at the lowest cost.

Unlimited concurrent viewers

Unlike traditional CDNs, which always have a limited number of servers, Teleport Media P2P CDN scales in align with the audience growth. Be sure your streaming website and application will handle audience spikes of any size, even unexpected and record-breaking ones.

Why Teleport Media?

Protection against piracy

The video that is streamed through Teleport Media is secured against illegal re-streaming with a combination of DRM, encryption, forensic watermarks and unique patented serverless CAS. Now you can maximize your profits from the premium content.

4K video (Ultra HD)

We help you keep consistently high quality, no matter how many viewers are watching your video. Get rid of rebuffering and playback failures to make your viewers happy. Outperform your competitors by introducing higher bitrates with zero investments in your existing CDN.

HLS & MPEG-DASH support

We bring the majority of video traffic into peer-to-peer network, decreasing the load on in-house CDN so it can serve 5x times larger audience with the same amount of servers and bandwidth. It also decreases traffic flow from external CDN, so Teleport Media saves up to 50% of CDN budget.

Avoid rebuffering and playback issues

Rebuffering and playback failures are strong indicators of the CDN overload. The more the audience, the less bandwidth is available per one viewer, the higher the chances of streaming failures and cascade quality degradation.

To avoid such failures OTT can only switch between CDNs trying to predict which CDN would be better for a particular viewer.

Teleport Media provides each viewer with multiple connections to other peers and constantly measures their quality. Real-time switching to the best source of traffic results in decreasing rebuffering rates up to 4-times compared to traditional CDN, all while maintainng the highest bitrate.

Scale video delivery limitlessly

Most OTT meets the same traffic consumption pattern — the number of viewers varies significantly throughout the day. Starting from low morning rates it grows 3–10 times by the prime-time. During Live sports, popular TV shows, and Breaking News the traffic rates may raise few times in seconds!
Teleport Media's decentralized architecture leverages the in-house CDN capacity making it serve 500% of the audience with the same amount of servers and bandwidth. It also decreases the costs of delivery, making the need for 3-party CDNs nearly vanish.

In case of multi-CDN strategy, starting from the first byte of data, Teleport Media serves up to 80% of traffic and saves the CDN budget up to 40% by providing much lower delivery costs while maintaining the premium quality.
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Build reliable corporate video streams

Quality of video streaming within a corporate network is a key success factor of communications between teams. It becomes a challenge when employees across all offices connect to the network and try to watch the video simultaneously. Since good video quality requires 1–3 Mbps, 300 employees need 300–900 Mbps!

Ready-made corp webcast solutions are not sustainable, with in-house eCDN delivery the office internet uplink even at 1 Gb/s or more will cost a fortune.

P2P eCDN turns every device within corporate network into a mini eCDN server, now the need for an Internet bandwidth drops 10 times! Users' devices do not need to download videos from an external network when there are hundreds of sources around in the local network.
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Scale your video delivery

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